Kiteboarding lessons, rentals & coaching

Kiteboarding is one of the latest, fastest growing, most exciting and (with the right instruction) easiest to learn watersports. Kiteboarding is accessible to all ages and physical abilities thanks to modern and safe equipment.

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Kiteboarding Lessons

Based in the North Sound, Virgin Gorda, Fusion BVI is a fully insured kiteboarding school teaching in some of the most favourable and beautiful kiteboarding conditions in the world thanks to consistent trade winds and clear warm waters.


As a beginner, we will use a hands on approach to introduce you to Kiteboarding, teach you everything you need to know about the kites, safety systems and kite control. We will cover a number of exercises to prepare you for board riding in later lessons. If you have some previous experience, you can discuss this with our instructor who can customise the lesson to best meet your needs.

Session one:
Kiteboarding intro

This is for those that have never tried Kiteboarding before, or have some previous experience but need a re-introduction. Your lesson will be practical and water based, initially in shallow water.


  • $125 (1 to 1)
  • $89 each (2 to 1)
  • 90 minutes
  • Water based w/ boat support

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Session two:
Body drags & Board-starts

Having completed the intro, you’ll be ready to practice body drags (moving yourself around in the water using the kite) before attempting board starts and enjoying short rides.


  • $225 (2 hours!)
  • 1 to 1 instruction
  • Water based w/ boat support

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This session will feature a brief recap of crucial elements of the intro and begin with some ‘body dragging’ exercises to ensure that you have adequate kite control, can generate power on demand and retrieve a lost board. As soon as this has been completed, board starts and short rides will be demonstrated and instructed in both directions.


You should have already mastered most/all of the basics, fly and relaunch the kite well and be focusing on board starts and rides. In this session we will focus on improving your kite and body position whilst riding and perfecting your weight distribution.

Session three:
Getting upwind!

This is for those of you that can consistently board start in both directions but require coaching on your board riding technique to stay upwind consistently.


  • $225 (2 hours!)
  • 1 to 1 instruction
  • water based w/ boat support

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Advance coaching

Are you an intermediate or advanced kiteboarder looking to improve your riding?


  • $125/ hour (our gear)
  • $100 / hour (your gear)
  • 1 hour minimum
  • includes video coaching & boat support

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Advanced coaching sessions are lead by our principal instructor Liam who has competed in and coached a number of kiteboarding disciplines. Whether you are looking to tack a surfboard, land your first handlepass or tack your foil board, Liam can demonstrate and coach efficiently and improve your riding!

Kiteboarding rentals

As a North kiteboarding school, we have a selection of North kites and boards for kiteboarding rental to get you riding in different wind ranges. Why bother paying the air-fare for your gear when you can rent equipment from Fusion!



Per Day
  • $60 per day
  • $140 per 3 days
  • $175 per week
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Per Day
  • $100 per day
  • $200 per 3 days
  • $300 per week
  • (inc bar & harness)
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All gear


Per Day
  • $145 per day
  • $300 per 3 days
  • $425 per week
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Kiteboarding Frequently Asked Questions

If you want further information or help, please feel free to contact us.

You can use our online booking page to book and pay online or you can book with us by phone, email or contact us on facebook. Go to our contact us page to get in touch.
Fusion BVI operates in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda (check out the contact us page to see a map). We teach in either the North Sound or the Eustatia sound depending on which is most suitable for the wind direction on the day.
We aim to make things as easy as possible by collecting students from any one of the following pick up locations:

Saba Rock
Biras Creek
Bitter End Yacht Club
Leverick Bay
Gun Creek

You can book and pay for your session online at our online booking page. Here you can use any debit or credit card. We are also happy to accept cash or a local cheque to make a booking, just contact us to do so.
please note: 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your session.
Just yourselves with suitable clothing! The water is always warm in the Caribbean so just board shorts/swimsuits/rash vest if you have one or a t shirt/sunglasses & suncream!

Please avoid bringing anything unnecessary as we will be out on the water and don’t want your things getting wet.

A seriously experienced internationally certified Kiteboarding instructor, booties, helmet, buoyancy aid, all kiteboarding equipment, boat support and first aid kit.