The statement.

Fusion BVI is a locally owned company offering people the opportunity to explore the Caribbean seas and enjoy all it has to offer. Our mission is to set the standard across the BVI for safe, fun, professional water sports coaching, equipment rentals and tours. We aim to create a dynamic watersports community, motivating and encouraging all ages and abilities whilst having the utmost respect for the beautiful environment. Fusions’ ethos is to promote healthy living and active lifestyles through human and wind powered sports. We strive to create a harmonious working environment and ensure all our staff radiate enthusiasm, encouragement and professionalism with safety being the number one priority.

The team.

Fusion BVI has organically grown and evolved over the past 3 years with the hard work its owners and past employees. It is a company that reflects the hobbies and passions of its owners and team who are committed to the British Virgin Islands and their sustainable future. The directorship has recently been streamlined and we are now better equipped than ever to deliver the best possible watersports experience in the BVI.

Elliot Steer


Liam Proctor

Director/Principal Instructor

Liam Proctor

Liam is both Fusion’s principal instructor/coach and school director and has lived in the British Virgin Islands for 3 years. He has been involved in watersports as long as he can remember and was lucky enough to have grown up in one of the UK’s best kiteboarding and watersports locations; Exmouth, Devon.

Liam’s coaching career flourished under the mentorship of Steph Bridge, 5x world kite race champion and owner of Edgewatersports. Whilst she provided operational guidance, his riding was pushed to the highest level in multiple disciplines by her 3 champion kiteboarding sons. Liam moved to the British Virgin Islands upon completing his Civil Engineering Master’s Degree and spent the majority of his time working on Sir Richard Branson’s private islands; Moskito and Necker. Here he has taught some of the world’s greatest athletes, business leaders, philanthropists and world leaders as well as organising and operating the world’s most unique watersports expeditions .

Looking to make a lasting impact on the British Virgin Islands, he is now committed to enabling as many people as possible to enjoy the beautiful clear waters of the BVI. As well as utilising his extensive coaching experience to provide the best service in the BVI, Liam intends to create a watersports community within the North Sound, Virgin Gorda to bring enthusiasts together on and off the water.